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Murder mystery dinner
The death of rich and famous Delirium at the court
Sherlok Holmes and the secret clan
The revenge of Champlain The murder factory
Humor, respect energy and efficiency

Crime does not pay? Maybe not, but it can be a great deal of fun when it is perpetrated by experts in entertainment like Productions Episode. After all, they committed more than 100 murder mysteries dinner theatre per year since March 1987. During such evenings, our highly trained actors mingle with the guests having fun up until the crime! From this point on, every guest is on the trail for clues together or in a group. But be careful: a criminal is on the losse. The finale, which as any good digestive, should comes at the end of the meal and is marked by the uncovering of the guilty party. The guests who solved the crime can win a prize. In spite of the bizarre events that are perpetrated in your midst, you will have a very enjoyable evening with our criminals! Don't be afraid to call us: we have never really killed anyone and there are several types of scenarios available.

Episode creates their own original plots with professional actors.
- You can chose an historical or contemporary scenario, in French or in English.
- Entertainment and respect of the audience is part of our priorities.

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