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Murder mystery dinner
Poker via Vegas delire au tribunal
Sherlok Holmes and the secret clan
The death of rich and famous The spy who killed me
The revenge of Champlain The murder factory
Delirium at the court

In the newly created special tribunal, the famous Judge Lawless has to do justice in many lawsuits while the attorneys Larry Burbot and Jack Crow are both trying to get the most out of theirs clients. The whole crowd will be the jury, but some members of the audience may get an active participation, since they could be called at the box to testify or even be accused of some crimes….

The officer of the court seems funny, but could become dangerous as he finds out there are many criminals in he room, especially a lady called « the black widow ». And suddenly, a murder happens in front of everybody, but, as usual, no one saw who did it ! And this is why you will have to become a detective to solve he crime.

So find yourself a perfect alibi and come to this very special tribunal. Justice must be rendered, but it has never been that blind and that funny…

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