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Murder mystery dinner
Poker via Vegas Delirium at the court
Off-side Sherlok Holmes and the secret clan
The death of rich and famous The spy who killed me
The revenge of Champlain The murder factory
The death of rich and famous

We will bring you in the glamourous world of Hollywood where gold spangles and glory won’t hide scandals. The unspeakable Dr Parnetski, psy of the stars, can’t resist to reveal some of theirs secrets. The announcement of publishing his new book «The death of rich and famous» during the openning night of the mostly recent film of the movie star Joanna West, will cause a reel tsunami!

Who, between Ben Miller, well-knowned producer, Nancy Neil, host of the Nancy Neil Show, the sulfurous movie star Joanna West or her assistant Betty Baker will be the most shocked by Dr Parnetski’s revelations?

As jet-set members invited to the premiere, you must light-up the dark side of Hollywood.

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