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Murder mystery dinner
Poker via Vegas Delirium at the court
Off-side Sherlok Holmes and the secret clan
The death of rich and famous The spy who killed me
The revenge of Champlain The murder factory
The spy who killed me

Become for one night the new 007 or the latest Charlie’s Angel! But danger will be everywhere. When the head of the agency will be the victim of a murder attempt, you will find out who is undercover. Is it the russian spy Ludmila? The former CIA agent turned to the Chinese cause, agent Xi? The expert in counter-terrorism agent Spécial K? Or the famous code cracker agent Meg ? Who wants to get rid of Chief agent Pi?

Your mission, if you accept it, will imply message decoding, silent combat, bomb defusing and of course, crime solving. Are you ready?

Please note that any fire weapons, knives, teasers, drugs, chemical, nuclear and bacteriological weapons are forbidden during the evening.

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