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Murder mystery dinner
Poker via Vegas Delirium at the court
Off-side Sherlok Holmes and the secret clan
The death of rich and famous the spy who killed me
The revenge of Champlain The murder factory
The murder factory

You’re invited to play the role of employees of the Romulus Hervieux-Beaudoin’s brush factory. The staff is getting ready for a welcome back party in honour of one of their own coming back from therapy.

During the evening, you’ll meet characters who are in fact your colleagues from other departments. One of them will be the victim of one or many crimes.

An important note: Professionnal and personnal pressures have made it so that all employees have developped, to different degrees, mental health issues… (All but you of course…But that remains to be seen!!)

Romulus Hervieux-Beaudoin’s brushes: «Where we can do more with less!»

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