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Theme events
Bootleggers club Talon and the king's daughter
Knock-out entertainment class of 85 reunion
Talon and the king's daughter

We are in 1672. Sire Jean Talon, Intendant of New-France invited all the unmarried inhabitants (the public) of the colony to a great ball. By doing so, he has a clear objective : the population of New-France must expand. So from now, every single person ha to get married and raise a family.

When all the guests are seated, Jean-Talon is greated in. In his little speach, all the information for the theme event is said and he presents also all the characters. The public notary will write the trothplight deeds for all the girls and soldiers with the quests who agreed to tie the knot.

During the meal, the characters will walk around, trying to have the best « business » match. Of course, some of them will probably have the eye on the same person.

Ath the end of the meal, Jean-Talon will announce the marriages. Each character will have to choose between the guets who will win his/her heart.

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