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Champlain quiz

As official provider of the character of Samuel de Champlain for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Québec, we are now offering you the possibility of spending the evening with the famous character. Upon arrival, the founder of Quebec city greets you in, and the invites everyone to proceed to the dining room with his very loud towncrying the French tradional way.

During the whole meal, Champlain hosts a quiz-show: questions with a great deal of fun facts, but also some tests with some competitors: what is the animal skin on the handle of Champlain’s sword? Can you perform the New France salute? Can you manipulate the astrolabe, a navigation tool used in the 17th century?

By the end of the meal, the guests will certainly get to know a facinating character of North America, but they will also have spent a great evening with Champlain.

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