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The revenge of champlain

We offer you nothing less than a voyage back in time, to help to solve a crime that has put the newly founded colony of New-France in peril! Actually, our team of experts in living history has put together an historical dinner-theatre. Rub elbows with the people who started the fantastic adventure of settling North America.

In 1629, Champlain had to sign the temporary surrender of the colony to the British. Before leaving, he wanted to solve some mysterious murders that occurred two years before. By doing so, he would provoke new crimes, but so many things will happen before the intrigue is solved.

You will meet Samuel de Champlain, fouder of New-France, his charming wife Hélène, the indian chief Erouachy, the father Brébeuf, the indian girl Espérance and the defying fur trader and explorer Etienne Brulé. All those characters will make you live a story inspired from true events of the seventeenth century. What’s more, you could unreavel the plot that shook the tiny colony in 1629!

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